Combining Direction & Documentation

A wedding is such a dynamic day and each part of your wedding will likely call for a different approach to best capture it, to not only record it, but to do so in a way that will remind you of how it truly felt in that moment.

The value I'll bring to your day is not just that I have the professional experience to know what to do and when, but also being able to create art with the two of you, and the way you feel about each other, at the center of it. 

There will be times on your wedding day where I might take control and give some direction, like during your portraits. I will work to direct you into comfortable, easy poses with your family and fun groupings with your wedding party. I'll help create situations where you and your partner can really interact naturally with each other in front of the lens and just feel comfortable, so we create photos that are true to who you are.

The rest of the day I mainly spend documenting with a more photojournalistic approach. I am careful not to interfere with the key moments of the day, like during your vows and ceremony. And at your reception you can have dance, relax, and know I'm there catching the action and emotion as it all unfolds.. you probably won't even realize you are being photographed at all! 

My aim is to give you peace of mind that your day is being beautifully documented and you are able to just enjoy experiencing it.



My work has been defined as clean, elegant, and romantic with a feel of blending the old with the new to create something fresh yet timeless. The colors are crisp and the tones feel real, true to the day they were taken. 

I strive to create images that emphasize the connection and energy of each couple that I work with by concentrating on emotion, movement and laughter. My style fuses several elements, including an editorial fashion sense, a taste for distinctive colors and textures, a natural & relaxed shooting approach, and a strong passion for capturing “real life” moments. 

Combining these techniques, I will create photos that will tell the story of the whole day.. from the details, like the flowers you chose and the earrings you wore, to the grand moments, like your first kiss as a married couple and finally performing that dance in front of your family and friends that you've been practicing together for weeks.. in a way that will convey the emotion of each moment.