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Did you love the Eco Chic styled wedding that I just featured here? Are you interested in creating and planning your own wedding or event with some Eco friendly tips in mind? Well, Eutopia Event's has some great advice for you as you start to design the day - or you can just call them up to handle these details for you!



Getting married can leave a big ecological footprint, but it doesn’t have to. An eco-friendly wedding can in fact be a beautiful, personal, and impactful way to celebrate your vows. With that in mind, our team created a stylish green wedding shoot that anyone can use to inspire their own eco-friendly day!

Here are some tips - which were each used in putting together this styled wedding -  for brides who want to buck some traditional notions and have a wedding that celebrates their values as well as their personal style:

Location, location, location

Reduce your carbon footprint by cutting down on the amount of driving people do on the day of your wedding. Consider skipping the limo in favor of other modes of transportation, such as a horse-drawn carriage, bicycle, or (in special cases, of course) even a canoe like the one handmade by our groom! Having photos taken in the same location while utilizing its natural beauty will also limit the amount of décor you need to purchase. Long blades of field grass, a tree, and even an old picnic blanket are all you really need to capture the emotions of the day.

Sustainable stationery

You definitely need a way to invite your guests, and it’s tough to go web-only if your guests are multigenerational. But you can greatly reduce the environmental impact by printing with plant-based inks on 100% recycled paper. Creating a postcard-styled RSVP card will mean less paper (and postage)



Dress smart

Natural fibers are easier to manufacture and clean. Choose fabrics that are fair trade and avoid fabrics that require dry cleaning, which uses harsh chemicals. You can also purchase or borrow a vintage gown or suit, which means no additional resources were used to create, manufacture, and ship the garment.

Our model bride, Marcie, wore two beautiful Celia Grace gown designs made of handwoven silk with exquisite hand crafted details. Celia Grace’s dresses and accessories are actually made by women’s cooperatives, fair trade producers, and refugees rebuilding their lives in the United States. We were able to give the classic, elegant gowns a personal twist by pairing them with details such as family and estate jewelry, cowboy boots, and local flowers woven into the bride’s side-swept up-do. Our model groom, Brian (Marcie’s real life husband), wore a suit of his own, paired with a “sea foam” bowtie by Celia Grace and a boutonnière made of wild flowers and twine. 




Flower power

Most flowers you see in stores and shops have traveled long distances, often from other countries. Instead, select flowers native to your area that are in season. You can also choose organic flowers, which are not treated with harsh pesticides.


Shed a little light

You can find soy candles at craft stores, independent candlemakers, or your local natural food store. Soy is a sustainable resource and is one of the easiest ways to be eco-friendly. Many of the candles we used were from Prosperity Candle, a fair trade company dedicated to empowering women worldwide.


Reuse, recycle

Found objects such as glass bottles, wooden containers, tables, branches, even dishes you found at the local flea market, make a simple and thoughtful way to create unforgettable table settings, centerpieces, and other green décor elements.

This wedding's décor created by Eutopia Events was all locally sourced and made with recyclable materials – milk bottles, family dishware and utensils, thrifted napkins and doilies, an antique birdcage to showcase greeting cards, and a mini chalkboard sign recycled from a client’s gift. 


Do yourself a favor

Choose favors that encourage your guests to celebrate the earth – popular choices are flower bulbs or seeds, small plants, or fruit. You can also consider making a donation to a charity of your choosing.

Go local

Take advantage of local goods and services. Any product that gets shipped adds to the energy used to produce it. This includes flowers, food, clothing, and decorations.

Put Your Best Face Forward

Makeup artist Liz Washer applied locally made makeup by Fortunate Face Minerals, which is great for sensitive and oily skin and a perfect fit for brides who want to stick with natural skincare products on their wedding day.




Donating to a charity is a wonderful way to honor your values at your wedding. You can donate your flowers to a local hospital, nursing home, or hospice (check with your local institute’s policies first and pre-arrange the drop off). 

Looking for more ideas?

Contact Lauren and Ruthie at Eutopia Events!  Email them at or check out their website