Amherst Winery :: Saturday Wine Tasting

This past Saturday I had a wine date with a friend of mine (remember Tricia & Greg from photos of their Look Park wedding?) at the Amherst Farm Winery. It's hard to miss this winery from the road with it's large barrel for a sign and, just in case that isn't enough, the giant foot parked in their lot!

Between us I think we tried every wine on the list and they were, for lack of a more articulate and wine-critic-esque word, yummy! These are the wines you'll want while relaxing outside on a warm day. The fruit wines are especially easy to drink for those who aren't normally wine enthusiasts. I generally go for a dry red (like a Malbec) myself but I left with a bottle of their Red Rooster as a lighter option this Summer. 

Pictured below are a few of the wines we tasted, including a couple of dessert wines in those adorable mini glasses.