Tissue Paper Poof Decoration Tutorial :: Bonnie Aunchman Styling

Today, in honor of my friend Bonnie from Aunchman Styling, I wanted to share a tutorial with you on creating an easy and fun decoration with tissue paper. Making a few of these poofs in various complimentary colors can really liven up a party space and they aren't too hard to make! This one has rounded edges but you could also experiment with other cuts to give the edges other shapes. 

After lying a few pieces of tissue paper out flat together, Bonnie folded the paper into an accordion pattern. Then she secured the middle and cut the edges to be rounded. After that it just takes a bit of patience to open the accordion folded paper up and give it some life. Check out Bonnie's blog (Aunchman Style ::  Daily Style Blog for all the Stylish and Sweet Things in Life) for more colorful, fun styling inspiration!