The Farms Country Club July Wedding Reception in Wallingford, CT :: St. Paul Church Wedding Ceremony in Kensington, CT :: Sneak Peek :: Ashley & Kevin

Ashley and Kevin have been together and a part of each others lives for a long time; over a decade and since high school in fact! They found each other early, and have been so lucky to be able to grow together and share so much along the way. It was clear on Saturday that they were already family. And to make it official, Ashley and Kevin were married at St. Paul Church in Kensington, CT on Saturday followed by their wedding reception at The Farms Country Club Reception in Wallingford, CT. It was an incredibly beautiful day, full of love, excitement, dancing.. there was even a romantic surprise from Kevin to Ashley in the form of a song written just for her! The photos below are a quick peek at this beautiful day - stay tuned for more in just a few weeks!