Harkness Memorial State Park Engagement Session :: Estate and Gardens :: Sunset on the Beach :: Kat and Matt

For a lot of people, most people really, having your photos taken before the wedding planning and wedding photography process usually means a selfie or a 'stand and cheese' group picture. Engagement sessions are a whole other kind of experience and it can be intimidating. The photos are really meant to catch your personalities and how in love you are.. a bit more intimate than your average selfie. There may have been some nerves in the equation at the start of this session but you wouldn't know; Kat and Matt really rocked it! Well.. as long as you don't ask Kat for a 'serious face'!

They were so comfortable together and ready to laugh and play around. There's so much love between these two and it's a lot of fun to be around them. We started the session at the mansion in Harkness Memorial State Park in Waterford, CT; walking around the gorgeous gardens and checking out the outside of the mansion. It's incredible to think that it was a family home once! Then, after an outfit change, we spent some time right before sunset on a rocky portion of the beach. There was some more laughing, hugging, a bubbly Champagne toast, and even some twirling.. I'm still thinking about the beautiful, flowy dress that Kat had on then. Perfect twirling dress! It was a really great evenign and I hope you enjoy seeing some of the photos from it here!