In an Emergency, Who will photograph your wedding?

One of the bigger worries in running your own one-woman-business is.. what will you do if something happens that would prevent you from being at or from giving your absolute all at a wedding? It’s a scary thought. From my perspective, I am invested in your wedding. We have been talking and planning the day together, we’ve probably done an engagement session where we spent most of the time laughing as we wandered around looking for beautiful locations and great pockets of light, I have had your wedding date marked on all of my calendars now for sometime, I’m looking forward to seeing how it all comes together, how beautiful you’ll both look, and witnessing all of the love that day. Like I said, I’m invested and I’m so excited for you and to be a part of it. But what if, for some reason, I can’t be there?

I am fortunate. I am part of an incredibly supportive community of photographers in New England. And I know that, if I need help, there would be no shortage. I have seen it happen when other photographers need help, whether they need a second photographer last minute because something happened to the second who was scheduled or if they themselves have run into a problem. We show up for each other. A lot of people find it surprising, since we are ‘competitors’, but if you knew the people I feel so lucky to call colleagues and friends it wouldn’t surprise you at all.

Why am I telling you this? Well, this past year I photographed a wedding on behalf of another photographer.  Something very real came up in advance and she needed help. She handled it wonderfully, keeping everyone posted. A number of photographers offered to be there for her. I feel honored that she chose me to cover the day in her stead.

Jade and Matt, the bride and groom, handled it all so amazingly too. After meeting them, that made sense. They are such giving people in their everyday lives, how gracious they were in this moment was a reflection of who they are. Check out my next blog post to see more of their incredible rustic, retro, elegant wedding at The Red Lion Inn in Cohasset, Massachusetts photographed on behalf of Lindsay Rae Photography.