Wadsworth Mansion Portrait Session :: Middletown CT :: Danielle and Stephen

Danielle and Stephen are two people I'm so lucky to call my friends. They are that great mix of fun, goofy, sarcastic, pun-ny (if you know Stephen, he sure does enjoy a good pun!), sweet, and so easy to be around. Plus they are incredibly cute together! At the end of Fall last year we all met up for some photo time. Stephen (a talented, usually bowtie wearing, photographer) took photos of Jeff and I together first. Being on the other side of the camera as a part of a couple was a strange, new experience. I could not stop laughing! Stephen suggested that Jeff and I kiss, and I immediately started giggling. It gave me an additional layer of respect for all of the couples I've worked with who have rocked it in front of my camera! After that, I photographed Danielle and Stephen together. They have such an ease with each other and have fun with pretty much everything they do. This led to some photos of them that I loved and needed to share!

An extra fun part of this session was getting to play with this GIANT lens! It's so big that it needs a monopod to balance on because it's pretty impossible to handhold. Jeff took this photo of me as I was photographing Stephen and Danielle.