Making the Time to Photograph :: Portraits of Friends :: A Weekend in the Poconos

Lately, I find myself enamored with the photos that my fellow photographers and friends post. The images they create at weddings and in their businesses are obviously beautiful, though I'm referring to the photographs of their families, friends, travels, and personal projects. These photos are technically beautiful(they clearly know what they are doing with a camera!) but the real magic seems to come from the level of love and intimacy in them. It's in the connect they have to the people and the moment. And I love that they share this glimpse into their lives, their world that runs alongside the weddings, the portraits, and the commercial work. Knowing how attracted I am to those photos.. I'm trying to take my camera out more. I'm making time for personal projects. I'm resolving to finally edit those vacation images. And I'm photographing my family and friends when I have the opportunity.. when I make the opportunity.

So a week ago, I got to spend a couple of days in the Poconos with an incredible group of women that I've known since college. We did a little Air B&B rental, picked up some food at the supermarket, and just hung out in our most comfortable clothing. I have a lot of respect for these ladies. Each of them has such strength and talent. You would think I was incredible long winded if I started describing them each to you. Let's just say, this is a great group of supportive, beautiful people that I got to spend some time with. So I brought my camera. I put it out there that I wanted to take some photos of them, and a couple of these women, my friends, were game to step in front of it, braving the cold right around twilight for about five minutes before we darted back inside to get warm again!