Amherst College Alumni House Wedding Reception :: Chapin Chapel Wedding Ceremony :: Sneak Peek :: Jordana and Scott

There is a whirlwind of love around Jordana and Scott. I haven't had the chance to know these two long but from what I could see at their wedding, they are such caring, expressive, beautiful people. The amount of love between them and that they have for those around them is obvious. Some of my favorite moments from the day, that so clearly reflected that, were the toasts that started out their reception. There was basically a line of people who wanted to raise a glass to these two. There were stories of selflessness, compassion, loyalty, and (not to over use the word but..) love. So much love. So much personality too! These speeches didn't rely on cliches. There were a couple to be sure, but they were genuine. It was easy to see that. There were also stories.. Unique accounts about what makes these two the incredible people that they are and how obvious their love is. And the best part of it all was the expressions and looks they shared with each other while each person spoke! The huge laughs, the glassy eyes.. just on the edge of the happiest tears, the knowing smirks, and the kisses and hugs.

Wedding Ceremony at Chapin Chapel in Amherst College
Officiated by Rev. Dr. Paul Sorrentino
Wedding Reception at Amherst College's Alumni House
Floral Arrangements by Knowles Flower Shop in Amherst, MA
Cake Bakes and Designed by La Fiorentina
Catered by Seth Mias
Cocktail Hour Music by a Classical String Trio (violin, cello, viola) of Amherst College Students
Reception DJed by Joan Holliday
Wedding Gown from David's Bridal
Groom's Attire from Men's Warehouse by Calvin Klien