Water's Edge Resort and Spa Wedding :: Oceanside Summer Wedding in Westbrook, Connecticut :: Jamie and Tom

When the forecast was calling for a constant down pour, 40 mph winds, and, well, a hurricane for the day of Jamie and Tom's wedding, I reached out to Jamie to go over the plan. She could not have been any calmer about the possibility of the weather as we talked about umbrellas and boots. I feel like that came from the knowledge that she was about to marry Tom, her best friend, in just a couple of days. So, yes the weather might add some stress, but it was all going to work out. And the best part was, on Sunday morning, I woke up, checked the weather, and saw it would be a beautiful day with 0% chance of rain and clear skies!

Everything about Jamie and Tom's wedding day was beautiful, not just the weather! Look at how gorgeous these two are, Jamie in her gown and Tom in his tux, and the huge smiles on their faces throughout the day, but especially just after they got to say 'I do'. The way they looked at each other, so in love. The touching ceremony that was performed by a family friend, Sean, who Jamie has known most of her life. A fun, choreographed dance that Jamie and Tom practiced and then nailed as they started out their reception. Gotta love those dips! Heartfelt toasts that spoke to the love between Jamie and Tom, their quirks, and how they truly compliment each other. There was so much support and so much love for these two. It's a day that, even in recalling it to write this, has me smiling again!