Starting this New Year by Celebrating 2016

Last year was incredible. 

Last year I got to be a part of so many beautiful wedding celebrations. I travelled throughout Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New York. I worked with other incredible vendors. I was able to celebrate with old friends. And I was able to get to know couples that I met through their wedding planning process who now feel like friends. There were so many beautiful moments throughout it all. I'm so completely overwhelmed by all of the love and joy that I got to photograph. I'm taken back by how notable and different each day was.

There was a T-Rex parade, coordinated by the groom to surprise his new wife just after their first kiss.

There was a wedding right on the lake in the Berkshires, the same location that three other family weddings happened before. There was such a sense of history and connection.

There were families cheering and clapping throughout the entire oceanside ceremony processional, the excitement building well before the bride even started down the aisle. In that joy, there was a sense that these two families were already one.

There were fireworks.. Fireworks that surprised guests at the end of the night as the newly weds watched together in the vineyard below. We could hear the shouts of joy as the first firework hit the sky!

There was a ceremony that was rained out, eliciting laughs as everyone ran for cover and only adding to the story of the day. It was an obstacle that many couple's dread that was handled with humor and grace.

There were tears. There were heartfelt toasts. There was chanting and there was dancing. There was practiced choreography and there was no holds bar, hair-whipping, hands in the air fun. There were mansions, orchards, inns, churches, farms, seaports, and lakes. Every wedding was different, unique to that couple. And I am so grateful to have been able to be a part of each. I'm looking forward to sharing more from each day with you here on the blog in the coming weeks, because I can't possibly give every wedding it's due in this single post.