Summer Engagement Session at The Mount :: Edith Wharton's Home :: Caitlin and David

As a child, Caitlin fell in love with the work of Edith Wharton and with The Mount, Edith Wharton's Home in Lenox, Massachusetts. Now, years later, she and David are celebrating their love and upcoming marriage with an engagement session at a place that has meant so much to Cait for years. And if you've ever been to the Mount, you can see why. With modern artwork along the roads leading up to a grand estate and gardens that could be from a fairytale, this place feels magical. And that feeling, that sense of magic, is so much stronger when you're there with two people in love. These two light up with each other and it was so much fun to capture some of the smiles, the laughs, the kisses and the quieter moments between them.

And speaking of fairytales.. it has to be mentioned.. how perfect is the pink gown that Cait chose with David's navy suit? I don't know many people who could pick that out, see it's potential, and completely rock it at a shoot! We're just missing a glass slipper or an enchanted rose!

Beacon Hill and Boston Gardens Engagement Session :: Boston, Massachusetts :: Lindsey and Lawrence

Lindsey and Lawrence live and work in Boston, so what better location for their engagement session? It was such a fun evening wandering around Boston with these two. First we walked up and down the roads (and hills) in Beacon Hill, with all of the charming brownstones and brick sidewalks and streets. Then we went down to the park, the iconic Boston Commons and Gardens, for some photos by the bridge and in the gardens. All of these settings are gorgeous but the real beauty that evening was in looking at Lindsey and Lawrence together. As cheesy as that may sound, you can see it here. The way they look at each other, laugh together, and hold onto one another. I feel so privileged to be able to photograph this piece of their love story.

Boston Engagement Session :: Walking Along the Harbor and Visiting Their Favorite Restaurant Bars :: Jeita and Donald

This engagement session is a perfect example of what engagement sessions can be outside of a time to take beautiful portraits. It's a glimpse their relationship. There is a bit of staging, of course, since how often do we have the paparazzi hanging out with us on a date? But there's even more reality in it. It's an actual slice of their lives, near their home and at some of their favorite places. 

Jeita and Donald took me on a mini tour of their piece of Boston. Over the course of this session we got to walk around, talk and laugh, have drinks, and be a bit corny, all in the name of celebrating these two and their connection. We started at the bar where they first met, Stephi's in Southie, a little before the dinner rush, so we wouldn't actually be in the way. Then we stopped at their place for a quick outfit change and walked along a channel connected to the Boston Harbor. This walk is littered with landmarks in their relationship so I got to hear some sweet and silly stories as we went along, stopping occasionally for a photo op and starting again. 

Another restaurant, Tavern Road, also gave us permission to photograph inside. It's another spot Jeita and Donald love to grab a drink together. You should see the reception these two get at each stop! It has to be noted.. They're pretty much best friends with each owner and bartender. Based on the warm welcome they get and the time everyone wants to spend catching up with them. We took some photos at Tavern Road while enjoying another set of drinks. And, to round it all off, we caught the last piece of sunset before twilight right by the water outside of the Boston Children's Museum for a few more photos.

I feel so privileged to be a part of this story. These two are truly teammates, in fact they will use that term before dropping the 'f-word' (finance), and the love here is contagious. The smiles. The way they so naturally connect. All of the energy. It was a lot of fun and I can not wait for July to be a part of Jeita and Donald's wedding celebration!

New York City Engagement Session in the Financial District :: New York Stock Exchange :: Sunset at the Piers :: Jillian and Clayton

Jillian and Clayton live and hangout in New York City's Financial District, so that was the natural place for us to walk around and snap photos for their engagement session! We started with some of the key New York City elements, the Wall Street Subway station and the New York Stock Exchange building. These are the places that are so easy to forget about when you see them every day but are really beautiful in their own way as well as being pretty noteworthy symbols of the city. After a quick outfit change we then caught the sunset on the piers where we had the Brooklyn Bridge as our backdrop. Walking around the city with these two, their part of the city, was a lot of fun!