Beauty Photography :: Aquinnah Jewelry :: Tattoos :: Liz Washer Makeup

The beauty shoot below features Q and her incredible, striking features paired with jewelry provided by aquinnah jewelry and makeup by Liz Washer .

Beauty photography can be a lot of different things. Some have a narrow view of what it entails, like flawless, unmarked skin and perfect doe eyes next to a perfume or beauty product in a magazine. But we are all beautiful. Scars, Tattoos, Flyaway hairs.. it all comes together. These things tell a story. Our differences make us even more beautiful. The Freckles. Broad Shoulders. Extra Curves or a Slender Frame. Birthmarks. Photography can and should celebrate all of it. My hope is that I can always do that each time I'm able to photograph someone.

Editorial Beauty Photography :: Editorial Styled Shoot with Big GAP Sweater :: Anaise

Here are a couple more images from my shoot with Anaise and Liz Washer (a continuation of my last blog post). We used a large navy GAP sweater, simple styling, a thunder grey background seamless, and a high contrast light in creating the images below. Anaise has such a beautiful, powerful gaze that, while looking through these photos for the twentieth time, I still find myself caught and and drawn in!


Hair and Makeup by Liz Washer Makeup

Model :: Anaise Prince

Editorial Beauty Photography :: A Natural, Comfortable Styled Shoot with Big Cozy Sweaters :: Anaise

There are so many things I love to photograph, the very top of that list may be the iPhone photos of my Goldendoodle Bailey, and, also topping the list with weddings, is photographing editorial and beauty imagery. The photos below are from a recent shoot I did with my friend Liz (Liz Washer Makeup Artist) and Anaise (a fellow photographer who agreed to get in front of the camera for me). The focus here was on simplicity and on a comfortable kind of beauty... we had oversized sweaters and solid seamless backgrounds to match that idea.

Anaise doesn't identify as a model, though she is gorgeous. Being in front of the camera isn't something she is even used to, like most of us! So photographing her is this dramatic, editorial style is that much more interesting. Her features, especially her eyes, are so striking.. it's hard to avoid her gaze while scrolling down! Here are a couple of the photos from that shoot and I'll have a couple more for you on Tuesday!


Hair and Makeup by Liz Washer Makeup

Model :: Anaise Prince