Perfect Music for Your First Dance :: Custom Wedding Songs by Nuptunes :: Lattitude Restaurant

Last week I had the pleasure of getting together with the two owners and creative minds behind Nuptunes at Lattitude Restaurant so that I could hear more about their business, which I'm really excited to share with you!  

Your 'first dance' as a married couple is such a beautiful piece of your wedding day, it can kick off your whole celebration. That dance is a special, intimate moment you’ll share, with the ones you love surrounding you, and the song that is playing will set the tone. That song can represent your personalities, your relationship, your journey to this point - giving your guests a real glimpse into your love for one another.  That song can tell your love story and that’s where Nuptunes comes in. 

Nuptunes is a company co-owned by fiancés Nick Adams and Jen Nieman. These two write and record custom wedding songs for couples who are looking for a special, unique way to tell their love story. They customize the lyrics and tune, and collaborate with you through every aspect of the song writing process. They really understand love (they are engaged afterall!) and have a knack for picking up on the details, words, and melody that can come together to create your original song. 


Side note: I need to take a second here to say how much I love Lattitude's new event space which is now officially open for weddings and events! This room has a gorgeous modern wooden/industrial/brick feel with access to an outside patio. It's hard to state everything I like about the space without going on a complete tangent and writing whole paragraphs but here's the short version - wood work mixed with brick and metal, fireplace, sliding wooden doors, great tall windows, delicious food/drinks, and a cool bar that you can see in these photos!


A custom wedding song will add a truly special touch to your day, it’s actually a keepsake that will last a lifetime, something you can later share and pass down like you would photographs or your wedding album. You can listen to it on each Anniversary, while looking through your wedding photos, on Valentine's Day, any time you want to remind yourselves of your love for one another, or when you want to remember how magical your wedding was.

Below is one of their songs (titled 'Nick & Becky' after the couple it was specifically written for) set to a slideshow of my photographs (from various engagement sessions and weddings last year) so that you can get a feel for what Nuptunes offers. Hopefully, at least one of my weddings this year will include a song by Nuptunes so you can see how well the photos of the couple and their wedding day matches the song that was written just for them!

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Phone: 413-335-1850