Nina's Cookies :: Feeding Hills, Massachusetts :: Product Photography :: Sugar Cookies, Italian Cookies, Pies, and Other Treats!

On a day like today, with the snow coming down and the wind whipping that snow right back onto the just shoveled driveway, who doesn't want to sit inside with a hot cup of cocoa (or cup of wine!) and a sweet treat? Maybe your ideal snow day is curled up in blankets with a good book or claiming the sofa to chain watch Friends on Netflix or just surfing around on the web and coming across this blog post! Whatever you're doing.. wouldn't a plate of these sweets at an arms length make it ten times better??

All of the goodies below can be found at Nina's Cookies in Feeding Hills, Massachusetts (which is right near the border for us Northern, Connecticut folks). And I have to say.. all of it is so so delicious! And I know because someone had to eat these sweets after this photo shoot! My family was also happy to help me with that job!

Below is just a small sample of what Nina's offers. They have Italian Cookies, Custom Sugar Cookies (great for parties and weddings!), Biscotti, Cupcakes, Muffins, Cakes, Pies, Fresh Baked Bread, Handmade Pasta, and more.. basically, once the snow clears up, you should head over there to check out their selection!