Blue and Silver Natural Spring Details :: Wedding Portraits in the Stormy Nevada Desert Outside of Las Vegas :: Amanda and JJ

Everything about this session still makes me smile. It was a stormy day in the Nevada desert just outside of Las Vegas, it even rained a bit, but those clouds only made the landscape seem more beautiful. That contrast of the dense sky and open desert landscape. The details for the day combined a blue jewel tone with silver accents and very natural elements to compliment the desert yet give a Spring feel. With the dark blue sky, that color palette could not have been more fitting. It was like the weather was even on board. 

The wood and steel table decorated with blue thistle, wildflowers, simple vintage dishes, rich blue and purple patterned napkins, silver bowls of blueberries, and blue agate geo stones gives a sense of the modern, clean design alongside bold natural elements. The cake carried the theme as well with it's simple, adorable silver fawn topper, a few flowers, two painterly blue tiers with a silver tier between them, and an overall sleek shape. 

JJ matched too, wearing a wooden watch with a classic design with his grey suit and boutonniere. His wedding band also mixes a metal outside with a wooden inside. Amanda paired her elegant wedding gown with a vintage lace trimmed veil and a wild bouquet of blue thistle and greens, including kale leaves! All of this attention to detail is only trumped by how in love Amanda and JJ clearly are! They were married only a few months before and these two just fit. You can see it in their smiles, in the way they hold onto each other, and in those quiet moments when it felt like everyone except them had fallen away.

Flowers by Opal Floral

Cake by Gimme Some Sugar 

Hair & Makeup by Your Beauty Call

Furniture Designs from Noble Customs Co 

Coordinated by Kristen Joy

Wedding Portraits in the Nevada Desert Outside of Las Vegas :: Niki and Adam

Niki and Adam braved a cold, rainy desert day in Nevada (I felt like I was back in New England!) for this session. I forgot all about the weather when I was watching these two though. You can just feel how in love they are. A few drops of rain can't compete with that! They told me that it has been three years since their wedding day and I would've sworn they were newly weds. Just look at those smiles, the way he holds her, all of it! 

Flowers by Opal Floral

Hair & Makeup by Your Beauty Call

Coordinated by Kristen Joy